For most of us here at GW Law, the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine represents one of the gravest violations of international law in our lifetimes. As the International Law Society, it is our duty to condemn this invasion in the strongest possible terms, and to speak out against the regime of President Putin and his oligarchs that support this blatantly illegal and unjustifiable war.

The human cost of this tragedy is catastrophic. We have all seen the images being broadcast from the frontlines – including innocent civilians being targeted by aerial strikes and artillery fire. The thoughts and prayers of all us here at ILS are with the people of Ukraine – and with the Ukrainian soldiers who are fighting to defend their freedom.

The ILS EBoard, and I personally, encourage each and every one of our members to stand up for Ukraine in any way you can. Whether you donate to humanitarian groups operating in Ukraine, contact your members of Congress/the government officials of your country to express your support for Ukraine, or simply speak out in support of democracy – make your voice heard. ILS will be doing so in several ways over the coming weeks.

We stand with Ukraine.

Michael C. Arianas