The Law on Looting – Repatriation of Stolen Artifacts to Their Countries of Origin

From a U.S. craft store chain to the British Museum, many pieces proudly displayed in the world’s museums have gotten there through illegal means. Today, several countries whose cultural artifacts have been pillaged, stolen, or smuggled are now demanding them back....

The Curious Case of Western Sahara

Western Sahara remains an anomaly in the field of international law. In the eyes of the United Nations, it is a Non-Self Governing Territory with no administering power. However, even after an international promise of independence from colonization, Western Sahara is...

It’s the End of the World as We Know it, But I Don’t Feel Fine

Social media has brought the entire world to our fingertips. It’s easier than ever to find like-minded individuals. Most of us trust that there is a human on the other end of that Tweet or Facebook post we see on our feed. However, some people believe that the...

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October 2021


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