Welcome to the Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law Brief (IPEL)!  IPEL was started in the year 2015 as a way for law students at The George Washington University Law School (GW Law) to explore intellectual property and entertainment law topics and share their posts with students, staff, faculty, practitioners, and the community.  This blog is an opportunity for students to gain experience with writing, editing, and legal citations.  The blog is open to current GW Law students who have an interest in these areas.

The blog is an open forum where students can submit and discuss substantive current IP issues. Students select a current issue on trademark, copyright, or entertainment law and then submit the article to the IPEL Board for editing.  The IPEL Board consists of students at GW Law School.

IPEL is part of the Student Intellectual Property Association (SIPLA) and supports SIPLA’s efforts to provide law students with educational opportunities in the traditional areas of soft or non-patent IP (trademark and copyright).

The blog is not a journal and students do not participate for credit.  Further, the views and opinions expressed on this website and in any publications are those of the individual Contributor, and do not necessarily reflect or state the views and opinions of The George Washington University Law School, The George Washington University, or any other entities.  Please contact the IPEL Board via this website for additional information or to submit comments.

The IPEL Brief’s faculty advisor, Professor Robert Brauneis, can also be reached via email at rbraun@law.gwu.edu.